The Cheese Encounter

Bruce and Cindy were so busy managing their growing wholesale operations that they realized they had to make a crucial decision. Should they change their focus to wholesale only? The answer was yes.

So, on April 14th 2014, Doug Morrill and Matt Wilkins of Gargoyles Grille and Ale took over the storefront of 282 Bay Street, continuing with Cindy’s mission to introduce Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario to the world of cheese.

The world of cheese is as inspiring and dramatic and breathtaking as is a great novel. Who created it, how they created it, what animals make it…… the stories are fascinating.

Bay Meats Butcher Shop products will still be available at 282 Bay Street! Our entire line of Gluten Free products–sausages, meatballs, burgers–and of course, our beef jerky–will be available in Cheese Encounter. And we still make our kielbasa, smokies and maple bacon, so don’t fret!

We are so lucky to have met the best and the most loyal customers these past 3 years, and we thank you for letting us grow as big as our dreams will take us.