Home of Gluten Free

Located in the heart of Thunder Bay’s ‘Historic Finnish District’, Bay Meats Butcher Shop produces a variety of Gluten Free meat products for its Ontario customers.

Since opening their doors in February 2011, Cindy Salo and Bruce Krupp and their staff have committed to developing, producing and selling only the highest quality meat products. From their earliest version of Gluten Free Smokies and Kielbasa, the repertoire of products has been extended to include Italian Sausages, Italian Meatballs, Maple Breakfast Sausage, Bratwurst Sausage, Chorizo Sausage and their flagship product Beef Jerky.

About Our Company

Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1989, Cindy Salo became very conscious of the foods she consumed when her doctors recommended that she avoid gluten and additives. Bay Meats Butcher Shop gave her the opportunity to produce meat products that met her own high standards. Recipes are tested and re-tested until they meet with her approval.

Bruce Krupp, Kari Sipila and D George Noonan are the backbone of the store’s operations. They order our Canadian proteins, organize our production operations, smoke our fabulous beef jerky, and strive for nothing less than perfection!

We also have the two sweetest young ladies working here, Allisyn and Rebecca. Nowhere else are there two more productive, more efficient or more energetic employees–nowhere!