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Hate technology? Call us!

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Mild Beef Jerky - Blue Package

Admit It… You’re Just Here for the Jerky!

…but we have lots of other
delicious products too! 

Beef Jerky | Pepperettes | Fresh & Frozen | Smoked

Bay Meats Signature Beef Jerky

You’re going to want to try them all…

Mild Beef Jerky - Blue Package
Teriyaki Beef Jerky - Brown Package
Hot Beef Jerky - Red Package
Spicy Caribbean Jerk Beef Jerky - Green Package
Maple Beef Jerky
Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky - Purple Package
  • Low Carb/Keto Friendly

  • 1g of Sugar

  • 14g of Protein

  • Gluten Free

  • Nitrate Free

  • Nitrite Free

  • Canadian Beef

  • Proudly Made in Thunder Bay

Try them ALL! Available in our

Butcher’s Dozen (13) Variety Pack…


Our Beer Jerky really hits the spot!

Made from our quality beef jerky paired with a selection of Ontario Craft Brew.

No frosty glasses needed!

Why Bay Meats Butcher Shop?

Quality Canadian MeatHealth Conscience | Great Taste | Local – Thunder Bay, Ontario

We Didn’t Forget About Our
Four-Legged Friends!