Who doesn't like a stick of meat?

Smoked Spices

It’s so versatile, adding a unique flavour to so many of your favourite dishes.

Smoked paprika, smoked granulated garlic, smoked kosher salt and smoked black peppercorns.  Yummy.  Mashed potatoes, sour cream, devilled eggs, marinades and steaks all benefit from a smoke flavour.

Mild Pepperette
Hot Pepperette
Spicy Maple Pepperette
Teriyaki Pepperette
Mild - Blue Package

Smoked Granulated Garlic

A customer favourite and a lovely addition to your mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and chip dip. 

Smoked Black Pepper

This has to be our favourite smoked spice!  We love, love, love smoked pepper on everything!  Steaks, eggs, salads–wherever you would usually use black pepper.
Hot Package - Red
Maple - Orange Package

Smoke Paprika

This is a new flavour for us, suggested to us by the great folks at Mountain Maple syrup producers from St Joseph’s Island. Their granddaughter used to dunk our hot pepperettes into maple syrup, and that gave us the idea to combine those great flavours into one. This is a super flavourful pepperette with the best of both worlds!

Please note this product is gluten free but it does contain nitrate.

Smoke Newfoundland Salt

We love using Smoked Salt in our recipes!  Finish off your salad and grilled steak or add it as a secret ingredient anywhere you use salt.

Teriyaki - Brown Package